Xinc a posted Jul 4, 15

Main Raid (12hr/week, 4 days)

The Main raid team has cleared 7/7 Mythic, Server #1. Recruitment is current CLOSED.

Retired Legends (4hr/week, 1 day)

Our team comprised of ex-full-time raiders has cleared 5/7 Mythic, Server #12. This team does not recruit people from outside the guild.



Sales Information

We do not schedule competing armor types (ie 2 leather wearers), and do our best to minimize item competition (ie agility trinkets, etc). All sales require a 20% deposit ahead of the run. Please contact Luzilia or Zodd to schedule your runs.

Normal Emerald Nightmare (30 loot-eligible raiders on MASTER LOOT) - Sunday 8pm to 10pm

Full Run - 500,000g

Xavius - 150,000g
Cenarius - 100,000g
Elerethe - 75,000g
Dragons  - 75,000g
Ursoc - 75,000g
Ilgynoth - 75,000g
Nythendra - 50,000g

Item reservation: Boss Price * 1.50